Sexy : A Thriller Novel

Akash, Punit, Happy Singh and Rajat are 4 carefree friends doing their first job in Pune. They decide to take a break from the rate race of corporate life before parting their own ways. What was supposed to be a harmless break ends up being the longest night of their life. The shadow of that one night will be with them for the rest of their lives. Please comment on the book or email us on .

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चिमणरावांचे चर्हाट
सुधा मुर्ती यांची पुस्तके
झोंबडी पूल
अश्वमेध- एक काल्पनिक रम्यकथा
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गांवाकडच्या गोष्टी
मृत्यूच्या घट्ट मिठीत
अजरामर कथा
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लोकभ्रमाच्या दंतकथा
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